When It Is Right In Front of You It Is You


Study, you must know what this body is about. How does the brain coexist with the emotions? How do the emotions get produced? Once I produce them, how can I shift them so they can be much more relaxing? How can I develop my brain so that I can channel the information that is in the vast collective human mind, the human consciousness? How can I believe that I can achieve and not need to see the result right now? If you can believe that you can achieve and you don't need to see the result right now but you guarantee that you will last forever until that result does come through then that result has no choice. That's what's called commitment. People wander the earth looking for the right partnership when it's sitting right in front of you, it is you. Once your establish it as you, as you and not as some mythological fantasy that you have projected on the screen of some innocent bystander, then you take the power into your own being and once that power is within you and you are committed to the guaranteed outcome then you have to just be really conscious because you can mess things up big time. Haven't you ever heard the riddle? Who would you rather have running a country? You're a spiritually oriented group. A person who relates to the Vedas and astrology and the mystics and is vegetarian or an absolute lush alcoholic and, if it's a man, a womanizer? or a no brainer? When you have that much power and you don't have compassion and you have that much alcohol in your system and you still have compassion . . . and when you can't control your second chakra and you still have vision . . . so life is major equation, let it all weave together and where do you have to be in that equation? . . . disciplined beyond your wildest imagination at the center point. Not hanging on the rails with the breeze blowing.

How are you going to get to that disciplined center point? By giving up a lot of party time. I am not talking about the party at the corner house or on Friday night, I am talking about the party where you throw away every breath that you take and you don't lock yourself down to commitment . . . a party where you sit in self-imposed confusion . . . which you are branded as . . . or another imposed agony. Living your life through the life of someone else is a joke and if you're doing it, the joke is on you. Living your life with limitations because you believe them to be true is a joke and if you're doing it, the joke is on you. Like I have said before, change it slowly.