What was Before the Beginning?


When you consider the beginning of the universe -- the very heart of spacetime -- think about what any beginning means. In every beginning there’s always something going on before it . . . before the beginning. What was that . . . what was before the beginning of this particular universe? Time . . . on Earth we have it measured in what appears as a minute, an hour, a day, week, month, year, and a lifetime. This is the way time appears in the perspective of what’s in motion around Earth. On Mercury however, the days are longer than the years . . . almost twice as long. Also, if the viewpoint of an observer were traveling at the speed of light, all the events of every lifetime would take place in the same moment. The closer you get to this speed of light, the slower time “moves” . . . the more there is in each moment. Every moment is in fact a seed, and like all seeds, it contains forever. The seed of a tree contains every tree that will exist from that seed going forward. Beyond physical life -- in the realm of the soul-seed -- there’s no such thing as time at all, and approaching this sense of eternity -- spiritual time is inexhaustible. Anything you consider in terms of ‘spiritual time’ -- has an entirely different set of factors involved. For example -- the innocence of hope; the ultimate fulfillment of love; the unfolding of your destiny -- all of this might seem to take a long time, but that’s a habit of your perspectives. These take no time at all when compared to the eternity from which they arise. This is the matrix of the soul, of life beyond the body . . . this is what you are to solve with every moment you spend inside the body. It’s called ‘crazy wisdom’ by the great masters; it allows you to break through false boundaries and limiting perceptions. It allows you to employ magic when logic fails to produce answers. It allows for hope when everything wants you to get angry. Our prayer is that you realize the flexibility of time; that you are flexible when working with it; that you realize your attitudes and opinions are a result of time, and that a dash of ‘crazy wisdom’ -- in the midst of this illusion -- will keep you from feeling crazy all the time.