What to Believe? The Grand Cross


What to believe? The grand cross that happened on Jun 26th 2012 in cardinal signs simultaneously with a full moon eclipse in Capricorn was launching awakening waves through the globe and through the hearts of people individually.

There has been 6 important steps since. September 2012, May 2013, November 2013, April 2014, December 2014 . In 2012 the US debt crisis threw the world economy in fear and the changes that took place were phenomenal. Truths that were revealed were too much for many to grasp. Truths that were so disorienting kept coming and we wandered what was true and what was pure invention which gave way to more disinformation. What to believe? If you don’t believe in friends, friends don’t exist. If you don’t believe on God, God doesn’t exist.

This great cosmic wave is coming to an end on March 17th and will be followed by a total eclipse of the Sun on March 20th and a total lunar eclipse on April 4th. Time to create our world and include what we believe in!

After all that cosmic movement the Sun now  leaves not only this piscean month but in a larger scope, the piscean age more than any other particular time before.

For the next six months we will see a lot of changes. All that you did not get rid of as you knew you should will one way or another be taken away or detach from you      and all that you did not dare include in your life will come in. This is all good. It is what liberation is all about. Flexibility in accepting the changes and stability in your discipline are of the essence.

Saturn now stops dead on its track to return and have a last check into scorpionic affairs. For the next six months he will check up on the last two years of work you have done and keep only what will be good for your true identity, starting next August things will pick up nicely. During the next six months, you can accomplish so much… so start working on what you wanted to do since two years! Get to it, create or find a group, keep with friends that support your best self, find your family. Keep up! These are great times! Humee Hum Brahm Hum!

Blessings with love,

Shant Joti J. For personal guidance contact me at shantjotimarechal@gmail.com