What It Means To Grow


To be consistently growing in the midst of life's changes, charges and challenges, we must constantly check with ourselves: "am I committed to being right, am I committed to feeling good, or am I committed to growing?" Remember that growth doesn’t always feel good, and feeling good doesn’t always provide growth. There will also be times when neither one is considered “right” by others.

There has to be a balance between your emotional and physical worlds. However, the physical and emotional bodies speak in a language of selfishness – a primitive means of survival that, above all else, desires to be right. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it isn’t the only focus in your life. The expansion of your conscious mind and spiritual fulfillment mean finding the balance with the other purpose.

There is an old saying in yoga that goes like this:

“Everybody grows old, but very few grow up.”

Without engaging the drives to grow and survive, commitment cannot engage and the pain from lacking fulfillment becomes life’s entire focus. “Halfway” becomes the theme in life – a theme that civilization supports in order to maintain the illusion of “safe concepts replacing dangerous experiences.” This is why today’s youth are into extremes like sports, clothes, tattoos, piercings, video games, etc. They are in search of real experience in a world obsessed and driven by false images and meaningless concepts.

Life today has become about earning a living rather than living and experiencing the life already earned. Fear has become a guide, creating a safe-zone that has become the most dangerous place to live – especially when you die a completely unfulfilled human being.

It is time to turn the leaf. Look into a mirror and challenge yourself to be YOU and nothing less. Be vocal and smile in this exercise, and although this may start out very serious it will soon turn joyful.