What Is My Point of Reference?


There are vaster levels of development and we are on our way there. Just like we didn't know much about calculus in kindergarten but you were on your way there. You work your way into a jam, you work your way out of a jam. What do you use to get your way out of the jam? The same illusion you used to get your way into the jam. Now some people have constructed belief systems and then they have convinced others of the belief systems and they call those truths but that defies the reality of nothing because the reality of nothing is what the Buddha said everything was made of. You see the five senses don't make sense of this conversation because in this conversation, your five senses are continuously grasping for something that you can identify as stable and nothing is . . . therefore, it is your mandate to find that which is stable for you. What we do here every single day, every single week, every single month and every single year is we improve upon our personal capacity to determine that point of reference.

You make your body healthy so that it's not disrupting its point of reference. You make your mind clear so that it is not disrupting your point of reference . . . we use asanas, we use kryas, we use breath, we use mantras we use laughter. Sometimes some of us use crying. We use what we use in order to establish the authority to make a decision. What is my point of reference and how does time revolve around that? Time will determine my emotional components.