What Are You Here To Deliver?


I had a terrifying nightmare the other night. It woke me up. In the dream, I asked myself two questions. The first was, “You have accomplished everything you could possibly accomplish, and you held nothing back—occasionally making a complete fool of yourself, but that didn't concern you. All you were to do was deliver your totality before you left, and you did. How do you feel?” The sensation was divine and sublime. The second question was, “Some concern beyond your conscious awareness has caused you to withhold a bit of your delivery in this life, a piece you had no idea you had. How do you feel?”

And let me tell you, the sensation was dreadful. I had never experienced such a dreadful sensation.When I was twenty years old, I died. My heart and my breathing actually stopped for a minute and forty-five seconds. Even that didn't feel like this.Why are you alive? What are you here to deliver? Is anything holding you back? If it is, you won't know about it, so how do you find out about it? You can keep extending and extending. If you're uncomfortable in that extension, then you're on the right track. And you will rest; rest is required, but you won't be lazy. You'll make a mark on this earth.Yogi Bhajan said, “When you leave this earth there should be a footprint that is yours,and it should show that you kicked in the right direction.”