We Will Never Conquer Nature


Four hundred years ago scientists said we will conquer nature and they have been disrupting harmonic frequencies ever since. We will never conquer nature. There is nothing to conquer, because nature is everywhere in the cosmos. What does your body do when something foreign comes into it? It surrounds it and crushes it and destroys it and dismisses it. So if we think we're going to conquer nature, we're going to be surrounded, we're going to be crushed and we're going to be dismissed. That sounds exactly like what is happening in the world today and so we better pull back on this.

What is the only creature on the planet that is out of balance? Are the rivers being polluted by elephant elimination? No we are the polluters and it's called big business. So we as the pioneers, those of us who are studying, on a weekly bases, the science of being conscious, wherever you get that information from - we're the pioneers and we are getting out of the old patterns.

Stop asking for the interpretations of pressure, stress, tension, friction to be interpreted, to be analyzed. Rather, ask how can you emphasis your elegance, your excellence because you are underneath all of your noise, very elegant and very excellent. Should we stop trying to figure out how to do all this other stuff . . . and just get to that point of our elegance and our excellence where all those things that we are desiring anyways are going to come to us because we are going to be so charmingly attractive . . .

Of course.