We Will Be Transforming


Homeopathy affects your cells through the absense of what it is. So, when the abscence of what it is enters a cell, it longs, desires for what it is. In that desire, it creates a tension, a friction, stress. The only mineral object that works with this is the quartz crystal. All botanical and biological cells work with this and that is from the tension, pressure, stress and friction caused by the magnetism, the electricity, chemistry, the position or the sound creates a piezoelectric charge. The piezoelectric charge is a charge nano amps, billionths of amps. A tiny, tiny charge. But, it produces an efefct because your entire system works on electromagnetism caused by tensions, stresses, pressures and frictions. That is why when you go to the forest or the beach, or any place where the electromagnetic disruption has been significantly reduced, for the first few days after you’ve come back into the corruptoin of the electromagnetic pollution, you feel like superman and superwoman. You feel like “Whoa” and make all these decisions. Then, you slowly sink back into the patterns that are more keeping with the electromagnetic, sound, chemical pollutions that exist because we live in garbage dumps called metropolises.

So what are you to do when you love in this garbage heap? We said the whole thing is controlled by either chemistry, electricity, magnetism, sound that produce the pressures, tensions, stresses and frictions, which are healthy because they are producing particular piezoelectric charges.

Each day is your responsibility but nobody told you that, because each day you had to get up in the morning and kill – or feed yourself with flesh and blood.

We as human beings are about to come to a place where we are too crowded for the old technologies. Our religions will need to change. We can’t kill each other because the other does not believe the way I believe. Our societies have to change, because we can’t kill each other on account of having a different flag. We are no longer going to be able to be nationalistic, we are become too numerous – we will be transforming.