We Own Because We are Afraid of the Unknown


There is a conflict taking place in the world today where, on the one side, everything is becoming a commodity to be owned and traded—while our survival dictates that we must share it all.  This ownership sensation is only important to those who harbor the insecurity of entering the unknown, the uncertainty in creating trust, and the fear of realizing that benevolence is the most important human attribute. Here is how the thinking goes: if I can know exactly what my territory is, if I can then guard this and maintain it absolutely, then I never have to enter the bewilderment of the unknown or the uncertain.

This obsessive ownership nature is part of a human being who has not matured in the spiritual sense.  When you meet such a person, you need to act gracefully; you can teach this person by your example, but not by your criticism. As you may know, a child doesn't actually learn from the words you speak, but from the attitudes and examples you keep.  The people on Earth who are obsessed with owning the Earth are very much childlike.

As you develop your adult nature, your evolved spiritual nature, it's very important that you practice how to relate to children. The last thing you want to do when you run into a child is demand that he or she be an adult. It's like walking up to a four-year-old and saying, “I can't believe you are acting this way; you’ve had all these four years to master your life.”

The idea that we own anything is a fantasy.  We don’t even own our physical bodies, they are rentals, and we must return them when we’re done.  The idea that we can own the Earth’s water will soon give way to an idea that we can own the Earth’s air.  This may sound ridiculous to you today, but it's just a more complex way of being fooled by the same conclusion of the same fantasy of ownership.

We are moving forward at a tremendous speed. The reality is that the dislocation between our physical and psychic capacity and our conscious awareness is broadening . . .  and our conscious awareness is being dictated to by the unyielding nature of the universal mind.  This universal mind is requiring us to become far more conscious, far more adult and mature, increasingly compassionate and spiritual, and benevolent as adult human beings.  This is not being gently requested, it’s being demanded.  And this is the nature of nature in the 21st century.