We do not inherit the world from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children


Securing a peaceful future for our children will take a conscious effort from each and every one of us. Looking to our history for lessons, however, is problematic if we keep allowing it to be written by the side of the victors. A sort of ignorance management we can’t afford any more of. This kind of ignorance allows for brain-washing and propaganda, which in turn disrupts our ability to function as a global community, in a cooperative and compassionate environment. The time of the competitive societal construct has past, it is time for togetherness.

We are here for a simple reason; to abandon ignorance and attain enlightenment. To make information universally available and in the process create a global community, so that we may help create a world we’d be comfortable leaving our children in. To make a difference, and hopefully pay back the debt we have created. We are not here to make believe, we are here to believe we can make it.