We do Not Inherit the World From Our Ancestors; we Borrow it From Our Children


We do not inherit the world from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. Evolution expands with every generation in order for the universe to survive and thrive. Children are the only future of this planet's human life. To produce a future where children are courageously inspired to confidently generate positive lives . . . lives committed to peaceful solutions and sustainable environments -- this will require all of our conscious efforts. In order to secure this future we must learn from the past. Remember the old saying that history is written and rewritten to manage the victory of the victors. Well, this is the management of ignorance . . . plain and simple . . . and we cannot afford this anymore. In today's world there are so many ways in which this ignorance is propagated and our human brain-power abandoned in the process. The only time humanity feels disconnected, combative and competitive for resources is when ignorance eliminates our sense of cooperation and global community. We must leave these ancient - stone-age -- competitive constructs behind, and develop -- for our children and the generations to follow -- a compassionate compatible future.

If you are reading this you came by it because you are one of the pioneers of the future of this exact world. We are here to abandon ignorance; we are here to make information universally available; we are here to increase awareness and produce a global human community in the process. We are here to reduce the entertainment of consumption and increase the attainment of enlightenment. We are here to utilize the vast human neurology for the purpose of discovery and send our children into a future of hope, enthusiasm and peace. We are here to make a difference, not just make a living. We are here to pay back the debt we have created for the future . . . for our children. We are not here to make believe . . . we are here to believe we can make it.

We are the pioneers of the future . . . we are a global human community . . . we entrain ourselves with enlightenment.