We Arrive at All Conclusions via a Complex Subset of Micro Decisions


Decisions, decisions, decisions: we arrive at any and all conclusions via a complex subset of micro decisions . . . that lead to larger sub decisions . . . that work their way up to decisions . . . then macro decisions and on to conclusions and eventually hardened opinions. Most of this takes place in the subconscious brain, some in the conscious brain, but all by a chain of unconscious psychological commands. Some of this is even controlled by our ancestors through their DNA in our glands and organs . . . the glands and organs that produce our emotions and our feelings. 

Any angle of observation — current or past — during this entire complex process; any immeasurable subconscious micro-conclusion that is slightly off center, can dramatically alter the outcome. This is why, even when we condemn the message, we must never condemn the messenger. 

Understand: everyone has come to their conclusions through this intricate pattern and process. Condemnation will not convince anyone of anything. To change an opinion will not be easy and the simplicity of condemnation is definitely not enough to accomplish this, or anything of value for that matter. 

Respecting the messenger is a great place to start if changing the message is important. Communicating about the disagreeable message is best begun by asking respectful questions of the messenger . . . questions about how the conclusions were arrived at. Allowing both you and the 'other' to reassess the angles during this process can have a far reaching result . . . even the discovery that the (so called) "invalid" position might have a set of valid points. 

This is the flexibility of solution. Water arrives at its goal (the ocean) by passing through many obstacles along the rivers and waterways of its journey . . . it does this through its supreme flexibility. Whatever the obstacles might present, flexibility locates the answers. Solutions always produce a greater awareness. This is why water is called a solution. 

This is the path of a solution on its way to the ocean of peace and calm amongst adversaries. This is the way life creates unity amongst great diversity. This is the future of our world if the world is to survive. This is the future of all our relationships if they are to survive.

This requires tremendous courage, time and focus . . . we must be there now . . . and make the 'there' right 'here' . . . and make the 'when' right 'now'. Accomplish this by continuously re-achieving your center-point. Your daily practice is the perfect path to consistently re-achieving this center-point. It brings peace and gives you the tools to bring peace to the mutual perspective. This mutual perspective — the collective message of the various messengers — will then work magic on the diversity of these messages. Each message will become its greatest projection all by itself and in this greater projection, solutions are located magically. This is the nature of magic, which is half of our universe. 

This is the next evolution of human consciousness . . . this is the greatest possibility of understanding life and of understanding death. This is when GOD is not only the Father, but the Father and the Mother. This is what is . . . .