We Are To Be Compatible, Not Competitive


Even though our society as a collective is unaware of it, we as humans live in a worship body, not a work body. It's an instrument not a machine and as such we are to be compatible and not competitive. We are to seek each other's victory as dearly as our own. This is the next evolution. Those of us who do yoga,visit this website, meditate and chant are to be leaders in this next evolution and in order to do that you have to master your circumstance rather than belabor it. You're born into this world and you have this luminous body, highly refined and perfectly designed and . . . that is when the assault begins. As a collective we are extremely ignorant. Even though we've explored the moon and tomorrow we are going to explode an object on the moon, we still haven't learned how to use the power of the moon. We're like a small child with a stick walking around poking everything. At the core of your being is a message. It's a message that you are to tune into. It's a song if you will. It has nothing to do with your daily life. It has to do with your external existence. The game in today's world is to transcend from . . . to transmute from your daily life to your eternal existence . . . to transpose from your daily life to your eternal existence.