We Are the Original Alternatives


  Herbivores are sharing animals -- carnivores are territorial, aggressive and competing. It's the descendants of the carnivorous ones -- the barbarians -- that have dominated the Earth over these past millennia. They spread ideas where might becomes the right of leadership; ownership becomes the goal of usage; hoarding becomes the habit of owning, and competition replaces compassion. The herbivores who populated and prospered in the ‘non-ice-age-devastated’ pockets around the planet, prevailed with their higher, more embracing consciousness, until they’ve been overrun by the armies of barbarians. Their teachings survived briefly into these conquests through secret societies, but these were gradually infiltrated, corrupted, disbursed and often disbanded. It's the intuitives of today -- you who are accessing these original teachings through the records and vibrations across the universal mind, and records in the akasha. It’s you who are going to return humanity to its original point of evolution.

These are the teachings of permeation, self-initiation, and invitation -- not -- infiltration, hierarchical-initiation, and invasion. But as evolution would have it, the more advanced teachings are going to be tested and retested to temper their strength, and enable their survival over the longer version of now and forever. This is the nature of nature insisting -- and thus permitting -- these masterful teachings to live on. Great teachers have come to Earth most recently from incarnations far in the future. Your job is to recognize them for who they are, and see yourself as one of them. You are the prophets, sages, messiahs and warriors from forever. You’ve come to reorient human life into a living style that’s sustainable.

Our prayer is that you do not attach to the lifestyles of “Barbaria” -- the glitter and glamour will ultimately clutter, attack and decimate all life; that you attach to the practices and teachings that spread light through life, and become a shining example of the original alternatives -- the alternate imperatives for sharing.

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