We Are So Similar, You and I


You were gifted a highly refined worship instrument. The majority of your time is absorbed by your daily life. That is work, not worship, and you don't have a body created for that task. That is why there is so much pain in human existence. It's like this: you have seen the nail and you know it needs to be pounded in and you don't seem to have a hammer so you're pounding it with your fist. As you fail with each moment, you believe if you pound it harder you might succeed. You are gifted an instrument . . . let's use my guitar here as an example. Everything about this guitar is preset except for two things: the strings, which can be taken off and put back on, tuned and untuned, and the chords that are going to be played on these strings. Everything else is preset. You have a great deal that is preset. The amount of differentiation between you and me is immeasurable except through deeply trained eyes and extremely accurate microscopes. Our tune . . . our song . . . our message is so similar you and I . . . the only absence is our awareness of it.