We Are Guided by Originated Sound


What most people sense is not reality, but echoes of their past, their ancestral past, their experiential past and the convincing stories of others that have imprinted on the psyche. These echoes are projected into the environment and reflected back off events, people and circumstances; they then register in the brain as real. But they aren’t real. We are engaged in a spiritual lifestyle: eating consciously, breathing consciously, listening consciously, viewing consciously, sensing consciously. To do this is to begin to acquire a closer image of what is real.  This new reality will reduce the echo, which we call noise, and reintroduce the original sound, which we call shabd, shabd guru.

The shabd guru offers an originating sound that is not an ancient echo. It is a sensation of what genuinely is. In that apprehension of what is, the differentiation of time-space doesn't exist. Thus, those who have gone before you are still with you and those who are yet to come are already with you.