We Are Guided by an Originated Sound


Science understands very clearly that there is no such thing as a single reality until you get to the core of all matter and here there is speculation about a singularity. What most people sense is not even a version of any reality, but it is a definition, a description, or a delineation from the echoes of their past; their chronological past, and their distant ancestral past. The chronological contribution to this equation is from the experiential past with all of its convincing stories that have imprinted on the psyche. These echoes are projected into the surrounding environment and then reflected back off all of the events, the people and circumstances; they then register in the brain as real. But they aren’t real— they are make-believe. When we are engaged in a spiritual lifestyle: eating consciously, breathing consciously, exercising consciously, listening consciously, viewing consciously, sensing consciously; we begin to acquire a closer image of what is real. This new awareness of reality reduces the echoes, then reduces the noise, and reintroduces us to the original sounds of existence. We can form these sounds with our voice using particular combinations of consonants and vowels in what is called mantra. In certain combinations these mantras are called Shabd Guru, meaning wise and sacred sound.

The Shabd Guru offers an originating sound that is not an ancient echo. It is a sound of what genuinely produces existence from within the infinite realm of nothing. ‘Gu’ actually means ‘nothing’. ‘Ru’ means light which is at the source of all matter and comes from nothing. When we utter these originating sounds we’re touching the source of our existence in a way that allows us to be far more accurate and efficient in our life. Since this accuracy and efficiency is a fundamental goal of everyone’s life, chanting of mantras and reciting the Shabd Guru is an important pathway to this higher consciousness.