We are Freaks of Nature Naturally


When cosmology outpaces genealogy--your spirit is beyond the body--you grow up being the pillar in your family home; a savior to your family lineage, and a freak of nature. You then go out into this world as it is today, and choke on the toxicity that’s everywhere. You’ve been through this all before, amongst incarnation after incarnation. You’re ready for liberation hereafter, and enlightenment right here, but this world looks at you as if you’re from another planet...and you are. You’ve incarnated throughout future star systems where these habits are commonplace. They register advanced information into your physical and emotional bodies, as well as your consciousness.

Yoga is the physical body’s way of using the advanced informational angles and sacred laws of geometry to connect with universal patterns of cosmology. They're common to the human psyche and senses--this sacred geometry is transmitted through the physical yoga via the body’s network of fascia, and fascia is supported--at the top end--by the features in your face. Facial and fascia are more than just two sound alike words. Facial expressions are important to understanding life in a body through the measures, angles, and postures. But the current “reality” on Earth, the lifestyles of most humans is extremely primitive.

The masses cannot recognize any value in these common patterns made from mathematical ratios, harmonics intervals--the proportions of sound--music, light, and nature. Present archeology has discovered advanced past cultures like the Egyptians, Sumerians, Mayan, Incan, Hopi and more, but there's no present day connection. One yogic reason for exercising, pressuring and stretching, is to reactivate this harmonic geometry. Capitalize on the Earth’s inherent patterns, without getting lost into them. Sleep east-west--perpendicular to the Earth’s magnetic field--it allows you to use the Earth’s field and remain independent.

Our prayer is that you’re ready to move this far forward; that you’re willing to walk a path into your highest destiny and shift the world toward the sacred because it's time.

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