We All Belong To The Same Construct


Those of you who are reading this and doing Kundalini Yoga this morning are saying: ok, we all belong to the same construct . . .but I believe that I have the capacity to be a leader in this construct. I believe that I have the capacity to amend this construct. I don't have to gather everybody in the world to agree with me in order for me to do it. That was the attitude of Mahatma Gandhi. When Gandhi went on the salt walk, what did he do? He walked two hundred and some odd miles, he didn't say: Ok, I will walk if I get a hundred people to walk. He just started walking and people started asking him, why are you walking and where are you going? He said: '' I am walking to the ocean because I am going to show that they can't tax our salt because salt is everywhere''. Somebody said, well you can't use that salt because it comes from the ocean and you have to buy the salt that comes from the government warehouse. He said: Well I am going to walk to prove that wrong. If you want to believe that then don't walk with me. If you want to try that we can prove that wrong, walk with me but I don't ask you to walk with me and I don't tell you not to walk with me. There were tens of thousands of people with him when he reached the ocean because some place inside of them they were inspired by someone else who didn't believe what they themselves were trying not to believe and that is that the construct of time is something that is defined in some libraries somewhere, some archives somewhere then dictated to us that this is a bad time and this is a good time. This is a long time and this is a short time. This is in time this is not in time. . . Construct your time by doing yoga every day, chanting every day, walking every day, chatting every day,loving every day, embracing every day. There are so many ways. Be the first one on your block.