Wave of Time


When you move along with Pace (capitalized Pace is that of nature, the world and the Cosmos) there is no struggle, no resistance and no pain – you are riding the Wave of Time, perfectly balanced through the Sea of Space. You are in tune with what is present, and therefore you experience no inequality known as tension, pressure, friction, stress, disgrace or disease. Lord Krishna said to Arjuna in the Gita: “… accept your place in this time and space and you will fulfill the destiny for which life was gifted. Fight against this purpose and your life is destined to be a struggle…”

When you move slower than Pace, there is sadness and depression. When you move faster and more frantic than Pace, there is frustration and anger. All of these are also available as tools to make slight corrections, or even major ones. But they are not positions to live in constantly – they could cause adverse effects on your emotional, psychological and physical health.

When you must move faster or slower than Pace, then you must be OK with your anger or your sadness. This is a fair price to pay for an equal outcome. When there is a required outcome, you must pay the price willingly. The universe is an absolutely accurate accountant when it comes to the principles of Karma.

Remember: When it happens to you, it happens through you.

When you are said or angry, don’t attempt to avoid or distract these emotions. It is the messenger of inequality – it is telling you that the world and your world are not balancing. You must either shift your effort, your perception or your desire. Rediscover the most efficient pace.

Whatever is required, pass through it elegantly with integrity – get back in touch and in tune with the Pace of the world and the Cosmos. Return from sadness and anger to your rightful place in happiness – happiness is your birthright, the greatest possibility of life.