Waltz Through the Time in Your Heart


You’re experiencing what it is to be an empath in a world filled with the corruption of self-preservation. You’re experiencing life as an ultra-sensitive caught in a callused, crude, and insensitive world. Corruption and cruelty are rampant on Earth . . . the reactions of self-preservation to the temporal nature and ultimate demise of all physical matter. Self-preservation has a strong logic . . . strong logic is brash, loud and combative. Empathy, on the other hand, is so accurately in tune -- without self-preservation instincts -- it knows the subtleties of the ‘soul-continuum’ . . . no beginning, or end. The screech of human signals overwhelms this sensitivity . . . just as it intends to.

This stimulates the natural desire to hide -- the same nature that caused the great masters and yogis, throughout history, to hide in their caves. Lord Krishna explained this to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita . . . “Your soul has the foreknowledge of every journey into time, and your soul knew this corruption long before your senses ever encountered it.” Relating from the soul gives you first-hand knowledge of this knowing . . . gives you the intuitional connections to override the instinctual corruption. This is the nature of the fifth dimension -- a preview of the world that’s taking place within the world that’s taking place. The brain in your head experiences information in the rhythm of a logical 4/4 beat; the brain in your heart experiences the same information in a 3/4 beat. The head is a ‘march’, while the heart dances a ‘waltz’. There’s an additional view beyond these standard rhythms; it’s the non-logical, and non-linear view from ‘continuum’s’ perspective . . . where everything comes from, and goes to. To live in this world without hiding, when your senses are so incredibly acute, you’ll need to find shelter from crude logical time, while remaining in time to fulfill your purpose. Meditation and yoga find this waltz in the heart . . . a gateway to the continuum.

Our prayer is that you prepare yourself as an empath -- to live in this world, while being out of this world -- to be yourself, and fulfill your purpose, while waltzing through the time in your heart.

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