Walking With The Courage of the Heart


If you are on the path of compassionate consciousness, don’t get caught up in the nets of doubt. They are not real. With your doubts, you are asking for more proof, testing to see if your purpose is real or even possible. True purpose must be an intentional step of pure faith. Never wait for someone to test or prove your purpose to know that it is safe, secure and successful. This stage is required. We pass though it on the path from spiritual behinnings toward ultimate mastery.

This is a stage to pass through, not live in.

Be good, be kind and be compassionate with this stage- as you would be with any child’s fear or doubt. Don’t analyze it or misjudge it, but be determined to compassionately work through it. Be a forgiving mentor whenever you find this confusion within yourself or in others.

Learn to surround yourself with a balanced mix of conscious adults, adult-children and children. Each of these has a role to play in everyone’s world. Do not mislabel anyone with your false need for their approval. Live in purpose even when it is wild, untamed and unfinished.

If you are truly on the path of love and commitment, not lust and confusion, place your heart above your head and walk with unbridled and unproven purpose. Remain commited to your purpose as a leader, as a teacher, as an adult in this next evolution.