Walking Forward


As you walk, you always have one foot on the ground and you're falling forward and you catch yourself with the second foot. That is what walking is. Walking is falling and catching yourself from falling. You don't swing your leg out and grab the ground and thrust yourself forward. I hope not. I hope that's not where we are going with evolution. So your progress is always on the verge of falling and catching yourself. That's what progress is. That's why anything that is of greatness is of also great risk. Three and a half million years ago, we had expanded our brain and the frontal lobe to the degree that it actually had balancing mechanisms within it that could coordinate the falling and catching so that we could stand and walk and we gained the advantage of vision because when we were on four legs, we couldn't see very far. The advantage of vision is to manipulate your world. Man means hands and head in the Latin languages.

To manipulate your universe so that you could become a more perfect vessel to get back to that which is your total primary urge, to unite your consciousness with the total consciousness, to unit Atma with Paramatma.