Walk Throughout the Nature of Life


Life mimics a trail through the woods; there are trails that have been paved and thoroughly traveled; there are ones that are gravel and often rough; then there are many more as mere ruts in the dirt -- some faint, some well worn. The more adventurous trails often barely show up -- many others don’t exist until you blaze them yourself. As with most trails in life, and on a hike through the woods, you don't -- in any single moment -- see clear to the end goal. A certain amount of knowledge is required to reach this goal and a trail guides you with knowledge, step by step. Every trail and each step has a purpose in life, a trail cannot force these steps, only offer up choices. Steps and choices either run away from, or toward life . . . desperation and tension, versus inspiration and cooperation. There's abundant examples of how this works -- the mycelium serves the forest as the forest serves mycelium; the forest uses the land as the land uses a forest; the forest supports wildlife as wildlife supports the forest; the branches accommodate each other, as do the root systems. At times the roots do more than accommodate, they connect and attach one tree to the next . . . branch to branch, root to root, breath to breath . . . each cooperation is a key to nature. It was 400 years ago when the scientists of pre-industrial Europe claimed: “We will conquer nature.” It's exceedingly obvious throughout history -- evolution finds a way to extinguish any life-force that turns against nature. Are we next? We fight everywhere -- nature produces everything. We must learn from nature that we're all connected at the root; we must accommodate each other in the reach of our branches; what is good or bad for one, is equally good or bad for us all . . . nature will always nurture those who are in tune with it. Our prayer is that you go out into nature, walk on its trails, bath in its forests, breathe in its rich air; open your cells clear down to your bones; open your psycho-emotional bodies to as many trails as you can -- cooperate from a place of being one with these trails . . . walk throughout the nature of life.