Wake Up Beyond the Primitive Instincts


Gaia is this sacred planet -- it's collecting evolved ones to leverage and raise the younger ones . . . you are the elders. Each day is your starting point, not your assigned persona . . . it's up to you to discover your value. The new economics creates a world to thrive in, not just survive -- it's a system of recognizing this value in each opportunity, without attaching debt to the value. When debt is attached to value, it makes a beggar out of the value holder, and transfers the value to the debt holder, this does not enhance any opportunity, but produces wealth and poverty. It also creates a commodity out of capital, which then becomes the focus of life. Life is to be focused on purpose, not purposed by capital . . . it's about the ease of joy, not financial worry and disease without joy. In this sacred compassionate economics, capital is nearly invisible -- a medium of the faith and trust embraced in an exchange . . . a simple point in the value of opportunity, not the focal point. This introduces capital to cover exchanges of faith and trust; fulfill needs, and honor value. This is the role of money in sacred compassionate capitalism -- a system of public economics, not private hoardings; of cooperation not competition; of sustainability without vulnerability; of the greatest good, not the greatest stockpile. You are highly evolved; it's time to honor this fact, and teach what you have embraced in your mastery. Today's economy ignores the global needs. In 1900, nearly 90% of all capital was exchanged on the streets -- where it paid for food, clothing and shelter. Today, this is upside down -- only 20% of all money ever touches a hand on the streets -- the majority is hoarded in vaults and accounts where it multiplies itself to produce wealth for a few -- while over 20,000 children starve each day. Our prayer is that you wake up beyond the primitive instincts; promote compassionate capitalism to share everything -- everywhere; build a momentum in your own consciousness of generosity and abundance to leverage the value of life . . . and save lives.