Wake Up


In order for the universe to persist -- to exist beyond any moment leading to momentum and then to all those momentous opportunities -- it must be constantly in motion, in a continuous state of change, inherently unpredictable, and radically disruptive to any stasis. This is not logical and never controllable . . . it feels completely out of control. This is what's at the very core of cause, change, challenge, opportunity, and growth. It’s the ‘encoded’ codes of persistence and the illogical disruption of existence. In order for this to take place, there's a moment at nearly every level of awareness in which the universe throws a complete fit that fits, but doesn't fit. This is what you’re feeling right now if you're paying attention. You’re experiencing this universal urge for nature to be natural, for the false idiocies to become actual, for reality to finally get real and to rage completely out of control. This is the urge that's stronger right now than ever, and if you're not experiencing this radical disruption, it’s time to wake up. In the midst of this challenge and change -- while the more unconscious ones are reacting with violent attempts to control their phobias with bigotry -- the super-consciousness is moving to its most central point where all there is is love. This is universal synchronicity . . . love is the universal constant . . . an ocean of liquidity . . . the consistency of solutions . . . the insistency of answers. Known as Narayan to the ancient teachings, this love is not something that you can own, or give. It’s something you experience, and it’s always there whether you experience it or not . . . it's there forever. Our prayer is that you are who you are -- a radical disruptor; that you go where you grow without requiring it to be nice; that in this environment that doesn't fit, you throw a fit that doesn't work, and as a result you align with the consistency and insistency of growth . . . occupying the space that’s not yet occupied, in order to enter a space -- in your ‘self’ -- that does not yet exist. This is a radical disruption the universe is inspiring right now, and if anything feels normal . . . you're asleep . . . wake up.