Wahe Guru


How many centuries of music did it take until we invented jazz? How about highly evolved free form jazz where everybody is playing a difference sequence in a different melody in a different time and somehow ultimately, it all fits. All that is making the frame big enough to encompass the whole picture . . . unlike that small frame that some want to fit a mural in. You want to have a bad time, make the adjustments and you can have a bad time. You want to have a good time, make the adjustments and you can have a good time. Everything done to the micro measurements of the functions inside the cells inside your body are measured in time and therefore, these controls are not easy to get a hold of because the generations that have produced your body in the incarnations that have produced your lifetime are all involved in constructing that illusion of time for your consciousness to perceive. That's why Guru Nanak said: Wahe . . .wow, light comes from darkness . . . and every time he was given a bigger problem he said, wow, light comes from darkness and people started saying the guy is nuts. But like Gandhi, a lot of people released that what he was doing was using his internal sounds, or in other words, these mantric sounds, wow . . . light comes from darkness because he was using wahe guru, wahe guru to produce the kind of electromagnetic and electrochemical responses within the body that actually constructed the ecstasy of the meaning of the statement wow. You have heard children say that . . . wow. You show little kids something, look at this and they say, wow. A little child doesn't go wow because they want to make you feel good. That little child goes wow because they want to make themselves feel good. Do you know that little children have up to four hundred belly laughs a week and most adults over the age of thirty can't remember the last one they had. Belly laughter is one of the most health giving events that the human body can have. It actually produces more white blood cells. More blood cells that are going to contribute to your autoimmune system.

What we are supposed to be having is the time of our lives!