Voice of Warning


The strongest, loudest, most compelling voice in any room, in any situation, is always the 'voice of warning'. The 'voice of warning' requires little vetting to be respected; requires the least amount of actual factual nature to be followed. In today's world, the 'voice of warning' is regarded as the voice of "wisdom" . . . the voice of a strong "leader." For millions of years -- along the process of evolutionary progress -- the 'voice of warning' delivered life to safety. However, this 'voice of warning' does not deliver life to growth. Today is a brand new evolutionary era, and the 'voice of warning' is no longer capable of leading. It must be heard as another voice in the mixture of all information . . . not the most wise; not the most compelling; not the 'must-follow'. If humanity continues to follow this 'voice of warning' as the 'voice of reason' -- there will be no reason to grow, or to evolve -- only a reason to remain "safe" -- and "safe" -- to this new era in evolution, is a dangerous place to dwell. Today, this 'voice of warning' will speak of survival, but it's actually not survival, it's stagnation. Stagnation is dangerous because it will not promote growth. Growth is actually always "unsafe" -- it means entering into unknown options -- with untried, unproven opportunities -- to achieve unimaginable possibilities. "That's irresponsible," cries the 'voice of warning' . . . "You're being foolish and naive," it claims. Well, this is the reason why the -- 'Fool' -- is the very first divination of the ancient journey of Tarot . . . because it's foolish to begin a journey into the unknown, however, a fool remembers what's been at fault before and forgives it; always hears and considers the 'voice of warning' and proceeds anyway . . . consciously; always knows the failings of the past, and courageously continues as if failure is essential to learning. Our prayer is that you hear the 'voices of warning'; allow them to be considered, but not considered to be most important. Evolution would not be here without them, and for this reason you must honor them for navigating your past . . . they are not, however, able to navigate your future.