In meditation, the vispassana, the silence is that we are determining whether or not we have the capacity in this moment to be impressed by the impression or are twisting and moving and yelling and doing all these things that can't take an impression. A little bit like they say when you're having your teeth x-rayed, you know. Be very still and clamp down on that thing and you wonder why did they put that poker right there. Why do I have to clamp down on something that is jabbing me? So you have to be very still but that's not the only way to be dynamically silent. The kriyas are to get the glands and organs so that they're functioning in balanced way because we evolved this physical body in order to be able to have this experience and you really need to be able to manage this physical body. You really need to have a health and an ease within this physical body. Then the pranayam is a relationship. The pranayam is the relationship. Breathing is the relationship and it's conflict. As a matter of fact, you don't remember your first breath most likely but your first breath was actually your most severe pain you will ever feel in your entire life. Even more painful than the fact that your head just got crushed.

After that you take your first breath which introduces the air for the first time, which is not the same temperature as your lungs so the first time, you experience extreme conflict in millions if not billions of cells inside your alveoli sacs, the little sacs inside your lungs. Very painful, no wonder you cried. You immediately began to create the numbness so that you wouldn't experience that much pain. Now we have to reduce that numbness just slowly enough so that we can experience the pain. Our primary relationships, you know those relationships we call spouses or best friends or family. Those are the ones that are here to challenge us the most. The trick is to have an agreement with those relationships.You say, look they're here to challenge us the most but we can manage this thing. The entire existence is based in conflict but we can be non-conflicted. We can stop blaming and claiming and we can deal and that's why you want to have those conversations in your relations.