Value Every Life


There are powerful comparisons between the Earth's first mass extinction 542 million years ago, and what's happening today. There have been six major extinctions -- the first was the 'end-Ediacaran'. The fossil records of just after this extinction show a sudden increase in burrowing activity . . . everything living underground to survive. When surface activity changes the ecosystem too rapidly; when the environment is unable to respond in time, mass extinction eliminates all but the protected . . . makes the surface uninhabitable, life goes underground. Humans are the most powerful 'ecosystems engineers' the planet has ever known . . . changing the Earth rapidly, for money, without a thought of the consequence. This is a total disconnect with the fourth dimension . . . time.

Time had been turned into money; money has been turned into a commodity; the result is that time, as you know it, will not survive . . . because it can't. Time cannot be a commodity -- an object -- it can't be saved, stored, or hoarded. It must be valued and spent in each moment. Valuing your time and the time of others gives it more value. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and so is every other valuable. That which is causing the next mass extinction are the emotions that come from this broken relation with time. It produces all the attitude, bias and bigotry that do not value and honor every living thing. All of the results of valueless time; of making lives that don't matter -- causes time to run out into the next mass extinction. Humans -- the ones who can't survive even a slight change in the ecosystem -- will disappear quickly. Ironically, humans are causing it with their attitude toward time . . . demanding more right now than the future can afford.

Our prayer is that you wake up now; realize that it is right now, but history is about to repeat. Embrace life, don't sell it as time, it's not a commodity, it's a sacred honor. It's time to honor life; value it everywhere; value the lifetime of everyone and everything . . . add it all together and together make the change to change this evolutionary crisis . . . teach this relation with time to every child . . . value every life.

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