Using All of Your Lenses


You have lessons collected in your brain; you have lessons collected in your heart; you have lessons of great difficulty; you have lessons of great ease. All these lessons are produced from pure light passing through the lenses of perception, passing through the opinions of your history, passing into the mysteries of the future, while sitting in the presence of the present . . . producing the fabric of life that has no weaver. These inner lenses are identical to an insects multi-faceted eye; you learned how to operate them during your thousands of insect lives. Where typical lenses focus light through angles, these lenses refract light, focus light using diffraction, bend light as it passes over the curves, reflect light, split light to divide it, multiply it, or disappear it. Each of these actions, in the neurology of your brain, is made from light and dark concentric regions calibrated for locating the familiar and analyzing the unknown views of your world. The distance between these concentric circles determines how far the lens can see through time and or space, and because they are flexible, this field of vision can be altered. This is the technology of intuition -- the altering you are achieving during your deeper meditations . . . hence why we call an alter -- an alter. It is said you must experience the world through the lenses of others; live the world through the lenses of your self. When you want to truly understand what is going on with other people -- view the world through their lens -- all while living your life through your own. In this way you are paying attention to your own destiny while helping others attend to theirs. Our prayer is that you learn all of your lessons using all of your lenses; work with the unknown as easily as you work with the familiar; open up the fabric that has no weaver and alter your vision to readily achieve your mission.