Update the Software. Reprogram Your Brain.


It was 3.5 to 4 million years ago when our incredible brain began developing the frontal lobe in earnest. That is a part of the brain we use in everything we do today. In other words, we are using a four million year old brain that has very old and extremely outdated programs in it. If you have ever used an old computer that perhaps belonged to someone else, you know what this means. Slow and unpredictable, the responses are often not what you intend.

So here you are with this four million year old brain that feels fear and all of the other sensations, but you don't know, you can’t be certain if it’s your fear or the saber tooth tiger that you have been hearing breathing all night outside your cave. To you, the tiger has now taken on the image of your mortgage banker or some other current pressure and you worry with the same unreasonable zeal that you used to worry about making it to the wood pile and back without that tiger eating you.

That is what we go through every day. Your fears are not your fears—though you will make up reasons for them to exist—they don't exist for those reasons. You have fears, you have worries and you meet challenges with this fear because that is what your brain has been programmed to do for millions of years. You haven't changed this programming because you just masked the fact that you're still afraid. You haven't done the work to drill down and reprogram because no one has taught you how.

Now is the time for reprogramming the brain. Now is the time to take on the deeper task of creating a system that works in the present moment, as the present moment. This is where Kundalini yoga and meditation come in. This is the age of yoga . . . Kundalini is a key.