Understand the Laws of Dreaming


Imagine . . . you're going away on vacation, packing and prepping for your adventure, and you notice your dog looking very upset. You're planning on taking the dog, you’ve said this many times, but your dog doesn't know this for sure, it doesn't have the awareness to understand your assurances. He/she sits amongst your luggage with that worried look of being excluded. These doubts make this experience, in your pet's world, deeply troubling and eliminate any joy from their moment. When it could be enjoying the anticipation of being included, it troubles away the time. How much greater is your belief system . . . does your life also trouble away some of the moments like this? The universe is always packing for the adventure of your dreams -- that’s the law of dreaming -- you cannot dream anything that cannot be achieved . . . everything you dream is available to you. When you doubt that you’ll be included in, or allowed to experience your next destination -- you have no joy to enjoy it with. How different are you from the dog when you doubt the universe will include you on the journey of your dreams? There's little difference, for when you’re limited by disruptive emotions, you’re no longer able to sense the universal assuredness that you're loved . . . that’s the 'universal law of love'. Just as your pet is loved by you and everyone around you, the universe loves and cherishes you in that very same way. You can fulfill all your dreams when you let the love take place . . . you are included. Our prayer is that you understand the laws of dreaming -- whatever you’re dreaming, you’re capable of achieving . . . it’s here, it’s waiting for you . . . it’s the law. Release the doubt that’s disrupting your faith; accept universal love beyond your wildest imagination; include yourself in fulfilling the most imaginative time of your life, and allow for the space to receive it. This is the law . . . please obey it.