Understand the Dream


Every lifetime is composed from a series of 'dreams' that take place within the super-conscious, conscious, and unconscious brain-mind connections . . . either elevated in the super-conscious devotion, initiated in the conscious will, or ignited from the unresolved business within the subconscious . . . all a result of life's pre-programming. Everyone dreams in a form of code, and it's the ability to perceive and then decipher this code that allows for meaningful interpretation of life's moments . . . meaningful living. The brain does not experience any of this in a continuous flow, it records these experiences in a number of composition frames each moment. The dream-state is a slowing down to open up the brain's framing activity from active, to relaxed, to dreamtime . . . the deep intake and processing of massive amounts of information. Even though this rate in a dream-state is far slower than the active ones, the amount of information received and processed is far greater. This information -- hidden from the normal senses -- reveals the meanings of the past; deeply engages the present, and produces forecasts of the future. In reality, past, present and future are all the same moment . . . the dream-state of the brain -- also known as theta, and deep meditation -- recognizes this and enters the space and time innocently and openly. This is where the reception of this dream code comes in handy, as does the ability to decipher it. The dream-state engages the super-conscious, conscious and unconscious . . . the negatives and the positives aren't limited to the two dimensions of good and bad, they're multi-dimensional markers on the map of spacetime. Your ability to understand this "map" places the markers into a sequence . . . past, present, and future; good, bad, and neutral flow into their appropriate positions on the map . . . the result is the definition of your life. Our prayer is that you allow this map to unfold before your senses to guide your journey; that you overcome your need for help and provide that help to the needs of others; that you receive this code, understand the dream, and provide the time of your life in this lifetime.