Tune in to the Harmonic Forces That Surround Us


Through this journey of life there are many levels of consciousness. At the most microscopic levels of observation, liquid crystals make up the angles of consciousness. This is why physical flexibility is so important when working on consciousness . . . liquids are the most flexible of all substances and the crystals of your DNA respond to this flexibility with great enthusiasm. In fact, these crystals are perfectly arranged and held in their liquid positions by the exact level of human consciousness . . . to be either maintained in place, degenerated to reassess, or regenerated and progressed to advance the life. Every thought, word and deed of your lifetime contributes to this process. We have now evolved to a cosmic season of human fulfillment and practical enlightenment . . . the time of high nature. This is the time when the harmonies of our world are at their peak. It is the time to join these harmonic forces that surround us and do so with complete confidence. Learn to tune into their power, their accuracy and their momentum.