There’s a Dragonfly with an English common name of "wandering glider" and "globe skimmer" -- referring to its migratory behavior -- it’s the new insect migration record holder. It travels over 11,000 miles while looking for suitable pools to lay its eggs and mate with one another. This is nearly twice the distance covered by the previous record holder, the Monarch butterfly, which flies up to 6,000 miles. To do this, the Dragonflies fly at altitudes of over 20,000 feet, feeding on aerial plankton along the way; travelling all this distance without ever landing. At this elevation there are winds that keep them aloft and carry them forward with their wings acting like sails . . . this is a world created by nature for the preservation of this specie . . . every need provided for. This particular Dragonfly is now found all over the world -- from high in the Himalayas, to Easter Island in the South Pacific. This little creature does not arrive at its destination exhausted -- it arrives energetic and ready -- having rode these winds to fulfill its destiny. In your world of accomplishment achieved through great effort, this represents the elegance of an alternative . . . of how surrender can be the greater path of accomplishing your goals. Whether you refer to it as surrender to GOD, or science, or Cosmos, or the force of nature . . . the name doesn’t matter, surrendering to that which will carry you forward is quite contrary to the current human will. But when you study a creature such as this, you can observe how surrendering to the winds of life will carry you to your fulfillment. This is what happens when any creature trusts GOD, nature, the Universe and Destiny. Our prayer is that you set your sails to ride the winds of your imagination; trust yourself into the hands of nature which only desires your fulfillment; allow these winds to carry you to your destination and arrive refreshed, rewarded and fulfilled.