Butterflies, frogs and toads are those courageous creatures of incredible physical transformation. Each of them, at a moment in time, faced annihilation if they didn’t take drastic measures. Their drastic measures produced a complete transformation in the way they lived. From a fish to a frog and toad . . . this journey takes place when the means of breathing water through gills is rapidly disappearing. The little innocent fish -- who has already sprouted legs and lost its tail -- thrusts it head out of the water in a desperate reach for air . . . its entire life changes forever as it ventures out onto three dimensional land. Caterpillars begin weaving their cocoons with unknown purpose, but the purpose is known to the knowing of nature. As the creature rests within the completion of this exhausting task, a battle suddenly erupts and destroys the peace within its body. Imaginal cells -- ones that have been with the caterpillar since birth -- begin to multiply rapidly and overwhelm the physical structure as it dissolves into chrysalis . . . a soupy gel of nothing in the moment. Out of these imaginal cells comes the imagination of a new greatness . . . a life of flight . . . the magnificence of a butterfly is born from this soupy chrysalis. These creatures are all barometers of the planetary health . . . the radiant body of Mother Earth is now reaching out . . . the same way as the body of the frogs and the caterpillars reached out for ways beyond the threshold of their own annihilation. These little creatures are all tuned to this calling of the Mother Earth . . . they’ve been there before, they recognize the landscape. They’re currently advising that you’re on that threshold; you’re about to experience some dramatic evolutionary changes that aren’t optional. Our prayer is that you’re ready willing and able to be those barometers -- those seers who chart the maps -- the ones with imaginal cells that imagine a way forward in this moment of evolutionary crisis. And because you will not remain lost in the illusion of your own illusion, you’ll be ready to merge with the radiant body of Mother Earth, and follow her instructions of nature that lead the way forward.