Total Cosmic Picture


Your perception is such a narrow sliver of the total reality; to base any conclusion on that little amount of information is absolutely ludicrous. And yet it runs your life, which creates an opinion, which creates an attitude, which creates a conclusion, which creates a decision, which creates a reaction, which creates another opinion. Are you seeing the cycle here? Become like water, become like a solution and slip through the crack in any barricade. Yoga allows you to recognize the infinite mind and raise the Kundalini in the midst of the physiology, which ignites the brain, which opens to the infinite mind. If you don't work on this every single day, then you're living in a Las Vegas world because you are rolling the dice. Stretch out those ligaments and muscles and put those glands and organs in the proper positions. Utilize this incredible instrument to access the true reality, which is you are nothing more than a pixel in the mix of the total cosmic picture.