Topography of Life


A river meanders across the lands -- does not always appear to be heading toward its destination, and yet a river is always already at the destination. Therefore, when not heading toward it . . . it’s always heading to it. The balance sheet of all life contains assets and debts . . . this is the karmic record of lifetimes. No matter good, or bad -- life is always reaching for liberation . . . awareness of this is a compassionate life. When you’re aware that a person -- no matter how badly they’re behaving -- is making their way to their destination of liberation, you have more understanding of who they might be in any moment. The soul is the power that moves life; the spirit is that which retains life; the mind is that which explains life; the emotions are that which feel life, in a physical body that contains life. These are the elements involved with the “rivers of life” . . . the time it takes for each river to arrive at the ocean of liberation depends on the coordination of all these elements. Imagine then -- when you meet someone who’s a complete jerk, a total mess, or worse . . . they’re not just having a bad day, they could be having a bad lifetime. The spirit that retains you, also retains individual consciousness and its relationship to universal consciousness. This connection equals your accuracy. Normal attitudes desire more accuracy, and think of debts and mistakes as bad, but the nature of balance is in the balance. The Universe is balanced . . . everywhere, and in everything. Rather than considering someone’s bad behavior and debts as bad -- consider it in reverse . . . as unpaid loans attempting to coordinate the investment of life. The Universe perceives debt as value . . . the power of assets over time that are equal to capacity. Otherwise, nothing but perfection could exist. This is the nature of compassion -- the pathway of an understanding consciousness. Our prayer is that when the rivers seem to be heading in an entirely wrong direction -- remember it’s being guided through the topography of all life, by the universal gravity of all life, toward the ocean of all life . . . and it’s already there . . . compassion remains aware of this truth.