to observe life


Spirit is currently contained as life in three dimensions made up of atoms. In quantum mechanics you understand that an atom is spread over space until an observer observes it. The act of simple perception gathers atoms in locations and creates this entire universe as your brain receives trillions of signals every moment to organize into atomic holograms that project outside yourself . . . you call this reality. Without observers, there is nothing but an expanding super-position of possibilities with zero actually taking place. Conscious beings have the simple responsibility of becoming creative, compassionate observers . . . you are intimately connected to the very existence of this holographic reality and its future. The more you look at what you believe is real, at the deepest levels, the less and less solid it becomes; the more moldable it is. We are all one consciousness and together we can make up profound differences. Our prayer is that you engage a deeply compassionate effort to observe life in the most benevolent and peaceful ways possible; build your beliefs into perfected outcomes; join in love with others; use creative nonviolence as the basis of your vision and ride this current human mega-storm into its calming . . . like taming a wild stallion with love.