To Be Right Or To Be Happy?


When forming an impression your system dedicates its entire perception to substantiating this exact view. The senses then become selective with what they register, so as to achieve a comforting sense of certainty. This is an ancient survival tactic – achieving “safety” by always being right. Our educational facilities pound this reward system into our minds, and as a result, in today’s world people tend to prefer being right to being happy.

All of us have this core instability. It is an evolutionary instability sensation on which all other feelings are built. When the cover sensations become too numerous over time, this core sense is heavily distorted and masked. Your feelings become inaccurate but you insist on certainty within the illusion, and grasp for more illusion to increase this false certainty. Then the roots of greed and obsession begin to dominate, and in the 21st century this is destroying the planet.

It’s time to move past this ignorance to the wisdom of embracing the vast unknown. The long and winding road of our physical evolution ends when our machine of work, the human body, becomes a refined instrument of worship. Then, the next evolutionary phase will begin, as it takes this instrument of worship and tune it to its highest harmonic frequency. Old attitudes and impressions will become meaningless, which might be frightening and some will react with rage. Lend your time to gently accomplishing this goal within yourself and around your community.