Timespace Rewards Excellence


Time and space – or rather timespace – rewards excellence. Excellence is achieved through many trials, containing many mistakes and errors. Keeping integrity throughout and overcoming the disappointments is a uniquely human ability. There is no other animal that is capable of this, and yet humans often resist it due to pride. Low self-esteem is often accompanied with this kind of journey. It would be impossible to face this path in the midst of great pride, as it requires passing through the insults of many errors.

Because of this, the system has to protect itself and improve through a lower sense of self, without offence. It stimulates improvement.

However, there comes a time when even the best tool needs to be released. If the nail has already been driven in, continuing to use the hammer will only cause damage. It is the same with self-love and self-esteem. They can be motivators that drive you to your goal, but sooner or later they need to be released.

This process is never easy. It has now become a pattern, a habit that must be broken.

The way to do this is to honor what your low self-esteem has given you, while re-assigning it to another level of your development. For example, assign it to help keep you humble. It is a required trait for the continued growth of your excellence.

The main lesson to take away from here is to always find the great reasons within the essence of every challenge, and honor these reasons. Every action has an opposite and equal reaction, so learn to redirect the angle of the reaction so that it continues to work in favor of the action.