Time is the Only Thing You Own


What is time? When does a moment of time feel like an eternity?  When does forever seem like a moment?  What is it that you are experiencing in a great moment?  Moreover, in that moment of radiance, of joy, of total enthusiasm -- where, what and who are you? In this huge long or short event of life, time is but the measure of any moment. You have never had the experience of anything other than one moment at a time.  All your life you have been experiencing one moment after one moment after one moment . . . and in each of these moments; the time involved is infinitesimally tiny . . . completely lacking dimension.

One thing to be clear about -- time is the only thing that you actually own . . . everything else is just a rental, including our bodies. We will all have to return everything when we leave here. Time . . . now this is different . . . you own every moment that you pass through and it is up to you to make the best use of each one of them; because before you know it -- there will be no more moments -- it will seem as if they never existed.

Time is a construct of our five senses -- perceptions within the material multiverse (the many universes). Time is -- at times -- an individual opinion . . . at other times it is groupthink; it is actually an agreement. You can break this agreement and change the meaning of time. You can change it for yourself and for those around you. In other words, you can take a moment of time and make it so memorable that it is immeasurable.

Since you have the ability to reconstruct time -- to change the agreement -- you therefore have the capacity to bring pain to zero in any moment . . . and take joy to 100 in any moment. This is the mastery of time. What is your response to this responsibility? How are you going to spend these moments that you own? This is up to you and no one else!

When you are able to use your moments for your momentum and the momentum of those around you, then you are a master of time.