Time is Always Passing, Never Standing


Time is an illusion. It might pass like a silent cloud or a speeding train, like a raging siren or a gentle stream – but it is always passing, never standing. The passage is not in question, but rather the sensation it leaves on life with its passing. How does it leave you? What does it leave you with? When will it return to you? Why was it the way it was?

Einstein and the advanced physicists, as well as the mystics over the centuries, understood that time does not actually exist – that it is simply space moving through a point of reference. In the case of our sensation of time, the human consciousness is that reference point. Great prophets, such as Mohamed, Buddha, Jesus and Krishna understood that the human heart was the keeper of time. They taught that matter of the heart gathered the most value from time, preserved the strongest memories of time and were the best use of it.

Within the human bio-system the heartbeat is the Taal (rhythm) keeping a sequence-beat as time moves along its journey. The breath is the voice of the Soul and it has a divine song to sing – if you are able and willing to listen. When this Soul-voice temps up with the rhythm section of the heart, music is created with your life and there is no room for sadness or other depleting emotions.

Sadness is the absence of music, of rhythms. Often it is replaced with perceptions and opinions, which are the accounting of the brain alone. The human brain is like salt in a meal; it will bring out the flavors of the heart-songs, the sensations of time. But, if eaten by itself or in quantities too large for the meal, the brain-salt becomes intrusive and abusive to the taste. The song of time becomes a collection of noise.

Matters of the heart are also the most frightening to those who are afraid of the passage of time. Those who are more concerned about the image than the content will move into the emotions that have no rhythm. These are sadness, despair and overwhelm, vengeance, victimization, blame and the likes. These are all sensations of brain-salt, amplifying the senses without extracting the lesson within the experience. Often mistaken as matters of the heart, this sadness and all the other emotions continue forward without rhythm. They are focused on the sensation derived from time to time without discovering the revelations and prophecies within the sensations.

Though time is an illusion, it is a vitally important illusion to master. For some (when measured by time) the life is long and mastery never arrives. For others, life is very short and the mastery was always there. These are the lives of great masters in our midst, often children. These are the lives that bring us the greatest joy to be around and the most powerful lessons to gather from.

These are the samples of lives from the future being displayed within this present moment. We see this phenomenon in many of the children – these are the lifestyles of the next evolution, the prophetic prophets of time beyond our time. Dipping their wings into time-space for however long we are blessed to experience them, we remember them with the greatest joy.

Allow yourself to have time within your heart. Allow yourself to be with this masterful illusion.