Time for Your Wisdom to Take Action


Scientists have discovered five new subatomic particles that further define the nature of this Universe. These particles were "hiding in plain sight", the researchers said of their experience, and this is what so much of life is up to . . . it's right there in front of you, but you don’t notice. You perceive what you perceive, but humans rarely perceive what's actually there. What’s perceived is filtered through feelings, thoughts, projections and attitudes, which completely distort the fabric of spacetime to such a degree that fantasy is believed, while actuality is disguised beyond perception. These five particles are subatomic particles made up of quarks. Quarks are some of the smallest units of matter yet discovered and come in six styles called “up” -- “down” -- “strange” -- “charm” -- “top” and “bottom”.

They act so unpredictably that science calls this a magical realm . . . and it is. it’s super-high-energy, and this is not all that’s here. Humanity is still bickering over pieces of the Earth; believing the Universe is all there is . . . still viewing life as if it’s confined to what’s known; still buying and selling parts of it as if it’s real, and still bickering over the price of the fantasy. This is all taking place with tremendous aggression, based on beliefs of complete fiction, and your life and all life on this planet are hanging in the balance. The methods being used to govern life on Earth are archain -- the people in charge of this governance are ignorant and primitive -- it stands to reason that the Earth and life are suffering dramatically at this time. Since you -- the more conscious ones -- are less aggressive, you’re also less effective and you're showing up very late in the process. This is a big problem, and now is the moment of truth -- the moment you were born to fulfill -- a moment with unique consequence.

Our prayer is that you realize that this is the time for your wisdom to take action; that you know you’re one of the ones put here to make the big difference; that everything, that’s stopped you in the past, is unable to stop you now . . . relax your fear and show up for work . . . life hangs in the balance.

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