Time And Space Reward Excellence


Time and space reward excellence — or we should more accurately state that — timespace rewards excellence. They are not they, but a single event. This excellence is achieved through many trials containing many mistakes and many errors. To keep-up — to maintain integrity throughout these trials; to overcome the disappointments from the constant errors and mistakes is uniquely a human ability — a human quality. No other animal is graced with this amount of this capacity and yet humans constantly resist its application because of pride and feelings. Such a quality (keeping up and moving forward in the midst of constant errors) is often accompanied by low self-esteem and low self-love . . . for good reason. This path — where the self view contends with the insults of many errors — would never be possible in the midst of great pride. So therefore the system protects itself and attempts to improve itself through a lowered sense of self that will not be offended by the natural folly. This low self-esteem stimulates the self to improve itself in a blinded and foolish kind of way. This stimulates self growth while shielding the painful comedy of errors from the stage of many errors.

There comes a time in every job however, when even the best tool must be released and the task of the tool declared done. If after the nail has been driven in, you still swing the hammer, you will damage the job that has been achieved. This is the case with low self-love and self-esteem. When these creativity drivers have completed their goal, you can proceed no further with them in place. They must be released. This is never easy; their process has become reliant and grown familiar — a habit pattern has formed and must now be broken.

The way to break this pattern is by honoring the work that they (the low self-esteem and low self-love) have already achieved. This is the tricky part . . . honoring their work and re-assigning them to yet another level of your development.

Perhaps you can assign them to keeping you humble. You will require humbleness as your excellence continues to grow. What a great new assignment! These old tools (the low self-esteem and low self-love) will love you for it and not get in your way with it . . . which they would if you were not showing this appreciation. It is not as if they are independent beings that you must deal with. They are living parts of your being and this is an energy dance of extremely high awareness. It is both an art and a science.

The lesson is to find all the great reasons within the essence of every challenge — then honor these reasons for being what they are. In a material universe, where every action has an equal and opposite reaction, learn to redirect the angle of the reaction so that it continues working in favor of the action.