Time Actually Governs -The True Power Is The Mastery Of The Feminine


This particular topic is meant to break you loose. Do not try to comprehend it because it will make no sense. See what it does to your sails. See what the wind of this information inspires in you. Time is an illusion and as an illusion it does not mean that it isn't to be dealt with. It's a puzzle. It's a riddle. It's a woman. Space is masculine. It can be measured it can be predicted, but even when space gets very large it is measured with time. A very large space is measured in light years. Time is feminine. It is magical. Space is logical, time is magical. You can be in the same space at a different time and the time that you have in that space is different. Time is a woman, it's feminine it's unpredictable. It's not measurable. You can see space, you can't see time. The only way that we can measure time is as a concept. We can't measure time in the moment because there is no time in a moment. There is only time when the concept oftime is past. Then it is no longer an existence and we describe it from a distance, therefore, our measurement can't be disputed because it's a concept. Over eons, we have been evolving towards the masculine because anytime we are in fear, we strive to become in strength and the only thing we understood then was the strength of space, the strength of the masculine. So we measured power, initially, with muscle. The true power is the mastery of the illusion of time. But we developed the five senses in order to navigate space and we regulated the feminine to a sub sub support role. The feminine is the magical. The true power is the mastery of the magical. Time is feminine and time gave birth to space because as the illusion of time pass, space opens, so therefore space is an illusion as well because the seed (seed meaning the fruit which is the seed pod) never falls far from the tree. Mastering the illusion of time renders your score and that score is known as your karmic record. Your karmic record travels with you from incarnation to incarnation and parallels your consciousness and locates the exact DNA out of the billions and trillions potentials. Your DNA is not just measured against this world your DNA is measured against multiple worlds as to where you are to land. Your karmic record is carried from incarnation to incarnation and it parallels your consciousness. When the karmic records is transferring from one incarnation to another it is called sanskhara and once it has occupies that space, you have to deal with it. The idea of a single world in the universe is the idea of a flat earth. It's a construct of a limited mind. So just break that . . . just shatter that concept. Time actually governs and it is a woman.