In the progression of life through time, it's important to remember that time does not actually exist. It's the sensation of space moving through a point of reference, and in the case of human awareness, the heart is that reference point. In all animals, the heart is the physical instrument that keeps time, and this makes for the connection between humans . . . and between humans and all animals. Throughout life's develpoment, matters of the heart gather the greatest value, and experience the greatest times. Though all of these sensations of time are illusions, it's important to remember that they are vital; they are important illusions . . . essential to the mastery of a healthy life. The parts of life that are measured by the heart, are the parts of life in which this mastery was always there as a deeply felt connection. This is what's known as empathy -- the sensation of time that's not owned by any individual, but an experience shared so deeply that not even words are necessary to describe the connection. These are not only the lives of great masters, but also the lives of great lovers . . . the lives in which mistakes are forgiven . . . the lives that bring the greatest joy to be around, and the most powerful lessons to gather from. These are the lives in which life is not a measured competition; not a measured comparison, but a compassionate companion that's always there for support . . . no matter what. In this modern world the sensation of empathy has been replaced in the pursuit of money . . . money has become the measuring agent of time. This false measurement of a heartfelt illusion has eliminated both the heart; the empathy, and the experience of the great love from the heart of time's passage. Instead, it introduces competition and comparison and even more heartless measures.

Our prayer is that you're able to compassionately experience the presence of time without measuring its passage; that you're one of the great lovers within the history of this moment; that you have far more empathy in time than your need to measure it, and that through this empathic process, you gain the most from your life while having and sharing the time of your life.

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