Threshold of Infinity


There's a superhuman opportunity in the current version of life -- it's a new evolution -- a new calculation for meaning -- a brand new era. It's your existence on freedom arriving at this opportunity in the midst of your higher awareness . . . it's the perfect storm. You can discover your place of no restrictions, at the moment of zero time . . . it's the threshold of infinity on the horizon of solutions before your eyes. This is the world of maximum freedom, you can go as far as you can possibly go while still in a physical body . . . it's magical. There's a map charting the details of this world . . . a world [not] the play of opposites, as all things have been in the past . . . a world not about competition, but of embracing compassion. This location of new dimensions is called the threshold of infinity -- the cross-point between finite worlds -- the space not yet occupied, meets a time not yet existing. You enter when you take a perfect circle, or a perfect sphere, and bring it together with another perfect circle or perfect sphere -- there's no point of contact. In fact, contact is impossible, because contact would require at least a microscopic touching point -- a flat surface, and in a perfect circle or sphere there’s no flat area . . . anywhere. These perfections are the confluence of your wildest perfect dreams, they produce massive turbulence in the space in between. There's never been so much energy for change -- a sublimation point -- a doorway opening into a new realm. At this point of no dimension, sits the seed of every need and desire you've ever known (past, present, future). Our prayer is that you take full advantage of this superhuman opportunity; build fulfillment into each and every one of your moments; use this phenomenal space-time in the evolution of humanity to be the absolute you within the absolutely greatest you. Push back against all the push back, for this is your birthright.