Three Ways to Connect to Your True Self and Live in Your Destiny


What brought us all to raising our awareness? What brought us all to the mastery of our lives, to the technology of Kundalini Yoga? What brought us to a Master's feet?  What brought us all here is an awareness that "it" exists and a striving to connect to the True Self.

There are many ways to achieve this connection and here are three of those ways.

The first way is to stretch into the body glove. Kundalini yoga is a perfect way, tai chi is a perfect way, Qigong is a perfect way, swimming is a perfect way, hiking is perfect way, bicycling is a perfect way. Any physical exercise that will ultimately coordinate the breathing with the moving is a perfect way.

The second way is to connect the neurology with the psychology. Laya Yoga, Naad Yoga and Shabad Guru connect the neurology with the psychology.

The third way is known as becoming zero--Pratyahar creates such an absolute in the connection between the brain and the mind that you tune into the highest frequency possible. When that takes place, you shift from living in your fate to living in your destiny.